6 Lessons Learned from Google Glass: A Cautionary Tale of Innovation

In 2013, Google released a product that it hoped would spark a revolution on wearable technology. Google Glass, shown below, allowed users to access information handsfree through voice command. Why couldn’t this product live up to its hype?

Surprising Industries Being Automated

Manufacturing is widely known for its ever-changing processes (and, consequently, its workforce reduction), but blue-collar jobs are not the only ones being affected by this influx of technology. Industries that were once dependent on “human touch” are now being confronted with technology that can do the same work in a shorter time.

5 Reasons to Invest in a Mobile App

Mobile applications aren’t just for big name brands anymore. According to a 2016 study done by Nielsen, your audience is most likely already on a mobile device. To stay competitive, small and midsized businesses are creating their own platforms.

Common CRM hesitations and how to address them

When making the decision to adopt a new CRM system, implementation concerns may come up. Questions like if it you need it or if it's worth the cost come to mind. Will your employees feel comfortable with a change in technology? Will it ultimately create benefits for the company?

Top 6 things to consider when choosing a CRM vendor

The market for CRM (customer relationship management) software has grown tremendously in recent years. This has led to a huge variety of products to choose from - making it difficult to narrow down the right vendor for your company. How can you find the best CRM vendor to fit your specific needs? It will take strategic planning and research to n...

Tips to Manage a Positive CRM Transition

Your CRM is important to improve client relationships and staff communication. This system, used daily, strengthens employee performance and productivity. However, people tend to resist change in the beginning, so it is crucial to take a careful and collaborative approach to implementation. How can management ensure that users will have a positi...

Benefits of CRM

Any company looking to effectively manage its customer or client relationships probably has a CRM, and companies yet to use a CRM should consider the benefits it can bring. Having a CRM will provide new insights and capabilities that rework business operations and improves productivity and revenue. A team can use it to further collaborate, stay ...

5 Key Indicators Your Company Needs a CRM

Any business looking for sustainable growth and an ability to capture more opportunities will benefit from a customer relationship management (CRM) system – but how do you know if this investment is one you should make?

6 Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Are you considering Microsoft Dynamics to improve your organization? Here are some reasons why your organization would benefit from Microsoft's latest system

3 Ways IKEA Is Beating You in Customer Experience Innovation

IKEA, the Swedish home goods megastore, placed customers the forefront of their marketing strategy and revolutionized the shopping experience for today's consumers. But how does a home goods store relate to custom software and innovation?

License Your Business Software – The Right Way

Does your company possess a unique, innovative software solution? You may have the potential to license this software as a new line of business by providing your operational system as a product to other companies.