5 Roads That Merge Technology, Trucking, and alligatortek

Do you believe technology just doesn't fit in certain fields? Read on to see how we were able to help our clients in the Trucking industry. Then contact us to find out how we may help you, too!    

Benefits of CRM

Any company looking to effectively manage its customer or client relationships probably has a CRM, and companies yet to use a CRM should consider the benefits it can bring. Having a CRM will provide new insights and capabilities that rework business operations and improves productivity and revenue. A team can use it to further collaborate, stay ...

5 Key Indicators Your Company Needs a CRM

Any business looking for sustainable growth and an ability to capture more opportunities will benefit from a customer relationship management (CRM) system – but how do you know if this investment is one you should make?

6 Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Are you considering Microsoft Dynamics to improve your organization? Here are some reasons why your organization would benefit from Microsoft's latest system

3 Ways IKEA Is Beating You in Customer Experience Innovation

IKEA, the Swedish home goods megastore, placed customers the forefront of their marketing strategy and revolutionized the shopping experience for today's consumers. But how does a home goods store relate to custom software and innovation?

License Your Business Software – The Right Way

Does your company possess a unique, innovative software solution? You may have the potential to license this software as a new line of business by providing your operational system as a product to other companies.

How Mobile Processes Help Companies Gain a Competitive Edge

Mobile applications can facilitate and even enhance daily business processes to improve productivity within almost any type of organization. The investment of going mobile in the short term can ultimately save your business precious resources like time and money in the long term.

Can CIOs/CDOs help bring internal innovations to the attention of the business?

As a CIO or CDO, the pressure falls on you to foster forward-thinking ideas that create business growth. Sometimes, this can feel like an attempt to make something out of nothing. Companies have the potential to transform their unique capabilities and intellectual property into marketable software products and services. Consider opportunities to...

What does “custom software” mean today?

When your business is first starting out, you may not be open to hearing the words “custom software.” It may seem more plausible to begin with inexpensive, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software rather than spending time and money to invest in a custom solution. However, COTS applications are meant to address the common needs of most companies...

Questions to Consider Before You Automate

Innovation is about more than just creating new products and services. It can also involve the improvement or expansion of existing processes through automation. Business owners who aim to systematize their business processes are looking for solutions to outdated and tedious applications that are causing frustration among employees. While custom...

Developer VS Development Partner

When determining who will build your application, the “right” answer depends heavily on your own project needs. Some project ideas can be carried out by an individual developer while others require a team of people to successfully meet expectations.

Why Agile Development Is Not for Everyone

There are several approaches to software development used today. The traditional Waterfall structure follows a rigid approach – a stark contrast to the modern movement of Agile Development. Let’s explore both systems: