5 Roads That Merge Technology, Trucking, and alligatortek

Do you believe technology just doesn't fit in certain fields? Read on to see how we were able to help our clients in the Trucking industry. Then contact us to find out how we may help you, too!    

alligatortek Celebrates Its 20th Year in Business

CHICAGO (Oct. 28, 2014) - Founded in a time when technology was still being refined, alligatortek has successfully proven its ability to adapt to changing times. Clients, partners, local businesses, and live gators gathered at the company’s corporate office in Oak Brook in late September to join in the company’s festivities.  

alligatortek named to Top 50 Employers for Gen Y

I am proud to announce that alligatortek was recently named one of the Top 50 Employers for Gen Y Emerging Talent in Chicago by Brill Street + Company.

Companies That Scaled Quickly

Every major business started out as a small operation but when demand necessitates a growth spurt, a business must decide how to scale.  Scaling is a delicate balance between growing just fast enough to retain interest, quality, and profitability, while outpacing competitors and staying relevant. Check out the infographic below to see how some c...

Demystifying Common Innovation Misconceptions

In the business world, innovation is based on new ideas and new methods - usually to improve a company’s process or improve the consumer’s experience. A firm can bring groups of people together to brainstorm for the next big innovation and keep up with the competition, but this may not lead to any fruitful ideas. Innovation does not always need ...

Achieving Our Mission through Innovation

We are a company with a mission to apply software to help clients achieve their potential, so it is important to keep innovation in mind. By analyzing our clients’ situations individually, we are able to apply transformative software solutions that help organizations stay competitive within their industry. 

5 Ways to Stay Prepared After Your Software Goes Live

You’ve committed countless hours working with a company to create a new application or digital product, and now you are finally ready to launch! Real users are logged in, and the company is expecting to gain immediate value from the new technology. Here’s a reality check: at this step you’re still not done. It’s now time to take the necessary st...

Real World Applications of Business Process Automation

Although it can be defined in various ways, business process automation (BPA) is generally thought of as the strategy used by an organization to eliminate or reduce the need for manual, human labor on certain business activities or services. The BPA movement continues to gain popularity because of its potential to save on resources such as time ...

Using Your Millennial Employees to Find Your Company’s Next Big Innovation

Millennials could be the key to the next innovation in your company. Many possess an entrepreneurial spirit and the tendency to ask questions. These traits can lead to transformational change and drive millennials to make radical leaps. 

Agile Development

Overview This article will give an overview of Agile Development. Let’s start with the basics, what is Agile Development? Agile Development is a practice or methodology with the goal of delivering high-quality software to customers by performing incremental and iterative deliveries to ensure the accuracy and value of the software. This approach ...

Boost Productivity One Task at a Time

If you consider multitasking to be a weakness of yours, it’s time to rejoice! As it turns out, multitasking isn’t even possible anyways.

3 Ways Forward-Thinking Companies Use Custom Software to Grow Their Business

Companies that turn to custom software are actively seeking new ways to take their firm to the next level and stand out in their industry. As a firm evolves and changes over the course of time, a proprietary system that adapts with the current business requirements continues to bring value in many ways.