6 Lessons Learned from Google Glass: A Cautionary Tale of Innovation

In 2013, Google released a product that it hoped would spark a revolution on wearable technology. Google Glass, shown below, allowed users to access information handsfree through voice command. Why couldn’t this product live up to its hype?

7 reasons to consider a custom software over pre-built software

In a matter of few years, many options for pre-built software have emerged in the market to address growing business needs. Although they come at an affordable cost, pre-packaged solutions come with their own issues – a function may be missing, or too many options may make the system daunting to use. Companies who are looking to provide the best...

Four Reasons Why I No Longer Lose Sleep at Night About "Being Innovative"

At alligatortek, innovation is at the forefront of our minds. Here are ideas—some strategic, some tactical—that alligatortek uses to keep teams engaged in the company and inspired in their work.

Questions to ask before you invest in a CRM solution

The implementation of a CRM system in your business can greatly improve customer relationships, provide valuable insights, and enhance marketing and sales efforts. To optimize your investment, consider these questions:

Is it time to retire your legacy applications?

As the push for new and innovative technologies continues to grow, operating on legacy software becomes increasingly risky. Outdated technology may bring security risks and the loss of any competitive edges. The idea of newer, faster and more useful software is not only attractive – it is sometimes necessary. 

5 Tips for Strong Client Relationships

Back in 2014, we shared our blog “Why do alligatortek clients stay alligatortek clients?”, centered around our belief in forming deep partnerships with our clients . With a clear picture of our clients’ businesses, we are better able to assist them in achieving their technology and growth goals.

Moving to the cloud? Why you should consider Azure

Microsoft Azure is a constantly evolving platform for a collection of services: analytics, computing, databases, networking, storage. Azure offers a cost-effective solution for quick processing and enhanced security.  

Mass Marketing vs. Differentiated Marketing

The advertising and marketing world started with mass marketing, where a product is distributed through mass media outlets such as billboards and television commercials. However, the recent rise of the Internet ushered in a new era of marketing called differentiated marketing, where companies focus on customizing advertisement for individuals or...

The Olympics by the (Social Media) Numbers

Team USA is delivering once again in the Olympics - but how have the Olympics performed on social media compared to other major sporting events? Instead of counting our team's medals, we tracked the numbers from social media networks and scored the contestants based on the amount of people following or liking them online.

Six Shortcomings of Agile Delivery

Agile development has gained mainstream traction among software development companies due to its people-focused approach and promise for a speedy finish, but this strategy has led to hidden downfalls when not properly implemented.

Why My Internship Was a Success

It is true that internships come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are unpaid, some consist of mostly busy work, and some are more like taking a class than getting hands on experience. This summer, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a company looking for someone to produce challenging, valuable work while making it a point to create an en...

Does my company need to offer an app to stay competitive?

It does not take much for a business to question whether or not they need to “go mobile” in a country where over half of the population owns a mobile device. Application development can be a costly investment, but adapting to the increasing use of tablets and cell phones can keep a business competitive in the marketplace. Many small business own...