5 Roads That Merge Technology, Trucking, and alligatortek

Do you believe technology just doesn't fit in certain fields? Read on to see how we were able to help our clients in the Trucking industry. Then contact us to find out how we may help you, too!    

Justifying New Technology: 5 Areas of Software ROI That You May Have Overlooked

When considering a capital expense like new software systems, business owners often become overwhelmed by the high price tag and overlook how new tools will impact their business. It is important to remember that new technology is not a hit to a company’s bottom line.  It is an investment towards the growth of your business and, like any asset, ...

Empowering Others to Achieve More

Microsoft holds their annual partner conference each July. Last year, we attended the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Orlando and were awarded the distinction of 2015 Partner of the Year for our Produce Donor Portal. This year, we crossed the US border to Toronto to meet other innovators who seek to make a difference in today’s b...

Types of Jobs Created Through Automation

History has indicated that increased productivity from automation increases wealth, decreases the prices of goods, increases spending power and leads to more jobs. Like the radical changes of the Industrial Revolution, jobs are now rapidly transforming to have different requirements than before. While certain types of jobs may be lost to automat...

Using Automation to Improve Customer Experience

We have entered the age of automation. As jobs are replaced by artificial intelligence (AI), many have voiced their opinions about the types of jobs that should “stay human.” How do we know when to draw the line?

7 reasons to consider a custom software over pre-built software

In a matter of few years, many options for pre-built software have emerged in the market to address growing business needs. Although they come at an affordable cost, pre-packaged solutions come with their own issues – a function may be missing, or too many options may make the system daunting to use. Companies who are looking to provide the best...

Questions to ask before you invest in a CRM solution

The implementation of a CRM system in your business can greatly improve customer relationships, provide valuable insights, and enhance marketing and sales efforts. To optimize your investment, consider these questions:

Is it time to retire your legacy applications?

As the push for new and innovative technologies continues to grow, operating on legacy software becomes increasingly risky. Outdated technology may bring security risks and the loss of any competitive edges. The idea of newer, faster and more useful software is not only attractive – it is sometimes necessary. 

5 Tips for Strong Client Relationships

Back in 2014, we shared our blog “Why do alligatortek clients stay alligatortek clients?”, centered around our belief in forming deep partnerships with our clients . With a clear picture of our clients’ businesses, we are better able to assist them in achieving their technology and growth goals.

Moving to the cloud? Why you should consider Azure

Microsoft Azure is a constantly evolving platform for a collection of services: analytics, computing, databases, networking, storage. Azure offers a cost-effective solution for quick processing and enhanced security.  

Mass Marketing vs. Differentiated Marketing

The advertising and marketing world started with mass marketing, where a product is distributed through mass media outlets such as billboards and television commercials. However, the recent rise of the Internet ushered in a new era of marketing called differentiated marketing, where companies focus on customizing advertisement for individuals or...

The Olympics by the (Social Media) Numbers

Team USA is delivering once again in the Olympics - but how have the Olympics performed on social media compared to other major sporting events? Instead of counting our team's medals, we tracked the numbers from social media networks and scored the contestants based on the amount of people following or liking them online.