Real World Applications of Business Process Automation

Although it can be defined in various ways, business process automation (BPA) is generally thought of as the strategy used by an organization to eliminate or reduce the need for manual, human labor on certain business activities or services. The B...

Four Ways to Successfully Integrate a Multigenerational Work Force

As Millennials make their way into the workforce, four generations with very different work beliefs must learn to work together. The workplace has long been established to value company loyalty, a strong work ethic, and a desire for structure, competition, and rules. However, younger staff members (born to Generation X and the Millennial age gro...

3 Common Issues Companies With Multiple Internal Systems Face

When companies combine manual procedures with management software to manage and respond to certain activities, productivity declines.

Six Keys to a Successful Discovery

So you’ve decided to engage a custom software development firm to help solve a major internal bottleneck. You like the people, are impressed by their client resume, and they certainly seem to have the technical expertise to get the job done. Yet you still worry whether they have what it takes to become an expert in your business and solve your u...

alligatortek earns 'Elite' status in 'Chicago's 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For

On July 21, alligatortek attended the 2014 awards ceremony for the National Association for Business Resources’ “Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” competition. In addition to the 101 companies honored during the event, the association recognized 12 “Elite” winners for exceptional performance in designated categories.  

Think Like a CIO

A company using technology to run their business may not have a CIO, but everyone from the owner to line-of-business management should think like one. Here’s why: the success and profitability of the company is more dependent than ever on smarter IT and new software.   In the day-to-day operation, system and process bottlenecks highlight oppor...

How to Test the SMTP Server

Guest Blog: The Common Thread of Innovation

Is your company "stuck" in the old-school ways? Are you looking to be a leader in your industry? Read on as our guest blogger, Paul Kitti of the Chicago Innovation Awards, describes how this year's winners solved problems with their forward-thinking products.    

Blogging for Businesses 101

On the web, as well as many other industries, content is king. If you output a steady stream of content you’re more likely to get found by new potential leads. Search engine optimization is important, but it’s very difficult to optimize a website that doesn’t have any content. SEO is not a magic solution for driving visitors to your website. Yes...

Fluent Interfaces

The fluent interface is an object-oriented coding concept introduced by Martin Fowler and Eric Evans in 2005. Fluent interfaces are constructed using method chaining. If you have used LINQ dot(.) syntax, you have used a fluent interface.

Facebook Acquires Oculus Rift

Oculus is a prominent force in the augmented reality industry primarily through their Oculus Rift headset, while Facebook is a popular social media site. On March 25, 2014 Facebook acquired virtual reality company Oculus. The Facebook deal is worth $2 billion, with $400 million in cash and the remaining in Facebook stock. Both Facebook and Oculu...

Object Mapping

How can a coder automatically map database objects to domain objects? Find out in this blog on Object Mapping!