5 Roads That Merge Technology, Trucking, and alligatortek

Do you believe technology just doesn't fit in certain fields? Read on to see how we were able to help our clients in the Trucking industry. Then contact us to find out how we may help you, too!    

Six Shortcomings of Agile Delivery

Agile development has gained mainstream traction among software development companies due to its people-focused approach and promise for a speedy finish, but this strategy has led to hidden downfalls when not properly implemented.

Why My Internship Was a Success

It is true that internships come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are unpaid, some consist of mostly busy work, and some are more like taking a class than getting hands on experience. This summer, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a company looking for someone to produce challenging, valuable work while making it a point to create an en...

Does my company need to offer an app to stay competitive?

It does not take much for a business to question whether or not they need to “go mobile” in a country where over half of the population owns a mobile device. Application development can be a costly investment, but adapting to the increasing use of tablets and cell phones can keep a business competitive in the marketplace. Many small business own...

Top 5 Questions to Ask a Solutions Provider

Looking for a custom solution? Here are answers to some of the top questions you may be wondering:

5 Ways to Bring Positivity to Your Organization

An upbeat personality may not come naturally for everyone, but we are all capable of choosing to avoid negativity on a daily basis. When positivity radiates from one person, it can make a difference in the attitudes of those around them. An overall optimistic work environment is an important part of establishing an organization that is ready for...

5 Reasons Why Our Open-Office Design Works

Our open office design is one of the many ways we promote community and productivity in our organization. It works for our collaborative needs when it comes to creating a seamless software solution for clients, and the benefits don’t stop there. Here are five ways our company benefits from an open office layout:

Three Signs Your Software Is Holding You Back - And What To Do About It

Do you feel like your company’s software has been causing you more problems than solutions?

Four Ways to Successfully Integrate a Multigenerational Work Force

As Millennials make their way into the workforce, four generations with very different work beliefs must learn to work together. The workplace has long been established to value company loyalty, a strong work ethic, and a desire for structure, competition, and rules. However, younger staff members (born to Generation X and the Millennial age gro...

3 Common Issues Companies With Multiple Internal Systems Face

When companies combine manual procedures with management software to manage and respond to certain activities, productivity declines.

Six Keys to a Successful Discovery

So you’ve decided to engage a custom software development firm to help solve a major internal bottleneck. You like the people, are impressed by their client resume, and they certainly seem to have the technical expertise to get the job done. Yet you still worry whether they have what it takes to become an expert in your business and solve your u...

alligatortek earns 'Elite' status in 'Chicago's 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For

On July 21, alligatortek attended the 2014 awards ceremony for the National Association for Business Resources’ “Chicago’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” competition. In addition to the 101 companies honored during the event, the association recognized 12 “Elite” winners for exceptional performance in designated categories.