License Your Business Software – The Right Way

Does your company possess a unique, innovative software solution? You may have the potential to license this software as a new line of business by providing your operational system as a product to other companies.

Why Microsoft's Hyperlapse is Perfect for Those Shooting Video On-the-Go

It’s easy to understand the appeal of first-person videos. With cool new gadgets like Google Glass and GoPro, you’re able to capture your experience and “relive” it. However, people aren't always the greatest at taking videos - whether it's shooting with a shaky hand or shooting grass blow in the wind (mundane footage). With the latest Microsoft...

Celebrate Safer Internet Day and Get 2GB Added to Your Google Drive Storage

Trending Now: Storing data through the Cloud. However, as we continue to grow our cyber identities online, we are peppered with warnings to be aware of the risks associated by providing information.

One Final Plea to Register for Techweek 2015 (I Promise You Won't Regret It!)

TechWeek Chicago offers several events for attendees that give the opportunity to network and learn more about technology. There are 12 total events that go on during the week conference, and all the events offer different experiences. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more popular events.  The Main Conference boasts keynote speakers that...

Improve the Speed of Your Code By Using Threads

Is your service application running inefficiently? How can you restructure the flow so you can process multiple files in parallel? Read on to see how I helped one of our clients improve the speed of their application with threads.  

Top 10 Technology Stories of 2013

This year has been another big one for technology. Whether it was Snapchat reportedly turning down a $3 billion acquisition offer or Steve Ballmer announcing his retirement as CEO of Microsoft, technology has made big headlines.

Mobile Websites VS. Mobile Applications

A mobile website is a website intended to be viewed using a mobile device and is rendered by a browser. Similar to a standard website, mobile websites can display text, data, images and videos. The main difference between a standard website and a mobile website is that the mobile website is developed for smaller hand held displays and touch-scre...

Learn to Program and Come Work With Us!

Learning to program is an essential skill these days. Some places are starting to teach it as early as the first grade. It is never too late to learn, though. There are plenty of courses available online for free thanks to MOOCs (Massive Online Online Courses), such as Coursera and edX. These classes provide a great starting point on learning ho...

Microsoft's 3 Hottest Topics - Through the Eyes of Satya Nadella

Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference has come to a close – we hope that everyone who went had an incredible time visiting Orlando, Florida! Satya Nadella, the CEO for Microsoft, touched on many topics during his keynote speech, but the ones he hit on the most were mobile computing, the Cloud, and Microsoft's vision.  

Displaying the VB.NET Form Dynamically from a String Variable

In this blog, I will talk about how to open a form dynamically in Visual Basic .NET if the form name is provided in a string variable or fetched from the Database.