6 Lessons Learned from Google Glass: A Cautionary Tale of Innovation

In 2013, Google released a product that it hoped would spark a revolution on wearable technology. Google Glass, shown below, allowed users to access information handsfree through voice command. Why couldn’t this product live up to its hype?

Blogging for Businesses 101

On the web, as well as many other industries, content is king. If you output a steady stream of content you’re more likely to get found by new potential leads. Search engine optimization is important, but it’s very difficult to optimize a website that doesn’t have any content. SEO is not a magic solution for driving visitors to your website. Yes...

Fluent Interfaces

The fluent interface is an object-oriented coding concept introduced by Martin Fowler and Eric Evans in 2005. Fluent interfaces are constructed using method chaining. If you have used LINQ dot(.) syntax, you have used a fluent interface.

Facebook Acquires Oculus Rift

Oculus is a prominent force in the augmented reality industry primarily through their Oculus Rift headset, while Facebook is a popular social media site. On March 25, 2014 Facebook acquired virtual reality company Oculus. The Facebook deal is worth $2 billion, with $400 million in cash and the remaining in Facebook stock. Both Facebook and Oculu...

Object Mapping

How can a coder automatically map database objects to domain objects? Find out in this blog on Object Mapping!

TechWeek 2015 - Chicago

If you are a CEO, entrepreneur, innovator, or a dream chaser, then TechWeek is the place to be. The nation’s leading technology conference is taking place in our own backyard, Chicago, during the week of June 22-28. This wonderful conference includes events such as LAUNCH startup competition, FashionTech Runway Show, Techweek GT Office Tours, an...

Four Tech Trends to Watch

In our last blog post we looked at the top technology stories of 2013. As we saw, technology was all over the news last year, and we expect more of the same in 2014. Here are four trends we expect to see:

Industry Spotlight: Meeting Increased Demands in Trucking and Logistics

Transportation companies face increased pressure to perform their services with the greatest possible efficiency and accuracy. Their customers are demanding, and failing to deliver on time is not an option. As a technology partner to many trucking and logistics businesses, we’ve identified key industry trends that help us develop the most effect...

Update Data from One Database to Another with Both Tables Containing Unique References

While researching another SQL Server-related issue, I found many people looking to update the data from one database table to another database table with both tables containing unique references. I thought to share my experience where I had to copy the Customer Email Addresses along with some other information from the QA Environment Database to...

Sid Bala to Participate in "A Night with Chicago's High Tech Innovators" Panel Discussion

We are thrilled to announce our President & CEO, Sid Bala, will reveal his own personal insight to innovation in the SIM Chicago/Chicago Innovation Awards panel event “A Night with Chicago’s High Tech Innovators”.

Why Microsoft's Hyperlapse is Perfect for Those Shooting Video On-the-Go

It’s easy to understand the appeal of first-person videos. With cool new gadgets like Google Glass and GoPro, you’re able to capture your experience and “relive” it. However, people aren't always the greatest at taking videos - whether it's shooting with a shaky hand or shooting grass blow in the wind (mundane footage). With the latest Microsoft...