What Exactly Do We Do?

  • To put it simply, we assist our clients in reaching their potential by providing a custom piece of software that (1) removes a bottleneck in their current process, or (2) boosts their growth.


    Still struggling to understand? We know - it's hard to visualize!


    Here are two example projects that we've helped develop for our clients: 

    1. Web applications such as a customer-facing e-commerce portal or an internal Cloud-based database can be frustrating for businesses, but we make things easier and more accessible to users. We will listen to your needs and improve your web applications to a more robust, long-term solution.

    2. We provide a way to solve client's mobile device frustrations and implement better ways to stay connected with their employees and customers. When customers view our clients web page on their smartphones, it will be a lot easier for them to navigate around their website.

    Custom development in web applications, mobile solutions, and user experience are some of the main categories we specialize in. alligatortek always delivers on their client's requests and we take great pride in perfecting our work.


    Do you have a project in mind? Call us today! 


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